Range of Core Balance Current Transformers

CBCT Coleection

Core Balance/Summation Current Transformer with various diameters for use with the Ma Relay, KD Relay, KE Relay, NewCode Relay and GA Earth Leakage Protection Relay.
The GA Plus Earth Leakage Protection Relay with integrated test button has a Specialised Core Balance Current Transformer with additional test windings.

Product Code  Discription 
BTX0004 C.B.C.T. 1100/1 MOH Steel 43mm ID
BTX0001 C.B.C.T. 1000/1 MOH Steel 63mm ID
BTX0002 C.B.C.T. 1000/1 MOH Steel 104mm ID
BTX0003 C.B.C.T. 1000/1 MOH 150mm ID
BTX0005 C.B.C.T. 1000/1 MOH Steel 190mm ID
BTX0007 C.B.C.T Rectangular 200mm
BTX0006 C.B.C.T Rectangular 400mm