Relay 100M Series

The NewElec 100M Series electronic motor protection relay was designed to be used in compact flameproof gate-end boxes for protecting underground coal cutting machinery, pumps , fans and transformers. Designed to operate off 1 amp secondary windings of instrumentation grade current transformers yet able to provide full thermal (50/51) protection, unbalanced current and starts per hour (66) due to the low burden preventing saturation of current transformers smaller more compact instrumentation current transformers can be used with space saving benefit

Clearly marked descriptive warning LEDs indicate when the respective threshold settings are exceeded. In the event of a trip, the respective indication LED and the main trip LED are latched in order to assist maintenance personnel in identifying the cause for the trip.

Available in ampere calibration from 5 to 360A, split over three ampere ranges 101, 2, 3 and 4, or the 100M in percentage calibration. Selectable motor starting curves from Class 2 to Class 10 with thermal memory catering for 100% RMS load pattern modelled against the starts per hour selection as well as a thermal envelope that exactly accommodates the duty design parameters of the motor are available. This is achieved by selecting thermal lock-out periods ranging from 30s (120 stop – starts per hour) to 10 minutes (6 stop – starts per hour)

The main trip relay comprises 1 n/o and 1 n/c contact. The short circuit protection trip contact is a dedicated n/o designed to operate a shunt trip on a back-up circuit breaker.


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100M Series Brochure


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100M Series Installation Manual


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100M Series Presentation

Product List

100M Product List

FPR0003 103MC012 18 s/hr
FPR0075 103MC012V (528955134-V10)
FPR0585 103MC024V
FPR0004 103MC110V (528955125-V10)
FPR0201 103MC220V