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How do I ensure less process downtime and increase production efficiency?


Avoid costly and unscheduled upgrades while optimising systems for improved operational efficiency with minimal production downtime.

Using the latest and most superior quality technology, NewElec conceptualises and manufactures a wide range of low voltage motor protection relays and tracking solutions with full incident and event tracking records.

  • Provides root course analysis in identifying reasons for voltage dips, shutdowns and blackouts.
  • Valuable data to assist in distinguishing between mechanical and electrical problems.
    Categorisation and diagnosis of faults.

New Elec’s overload and earth leakage protection product range ensures that factories are run productively and efficiently.

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Our products have undergone rigorous 3rd party testing and is Certified as having met the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) International and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards and Conformity Assessments.

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Our R&D division continually ensures that our products are designed using the latest and most superior technology to maintain and extend the product life span up to 30 years.

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We are an established and credible organisation boasting expert experience having specialised in Motor Protection for over 45 years.

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Our products are proudly designed, manufactured and distribute out of South Africa.