Enclosure Manufacture

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Using PMPT technology, NewElec manufactures custom-built electrical enclosures using computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. PMPT technology eliminates the need to manufacture expensive tools and moulds, resulting in faster development times.

Toolless technology compares favourably with injection moulded parts in appearance, finishing, and durability with a minimal non-recurring engineering charge. If changes are made with thermoforming, or injection moulding technologies, a charge would be made for a new mould each time the product needed to be modified. With PMPT, there is no need for a new mould, as NewElec’s in-house engineers are able to modify the part quickly with minimal cost.

  • Optimized designs and elegant housings
  • Customised plastic housings
  • Flexible, affordable
  • Quick turnaround process
  • ABS, acrylics, PS, HIPS etc.
  • Ready for installation