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Stacker Reclaimer Conveyor Applications

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Pumping Protection

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32 Unit MMI

Manufactures of a wide range of superior electronic motor protection relays for both local and International markets

Why Wait to Automate™

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Applications particularly well suited for use in conjunction with the NewElec range of electronic motor protection relays.

Enclosure Manufacturing Facility

Using PMPT technology, NewElec manufactures custom-built electrical enclosures using computer-controlled manufacturing equipment.

NewCodeComprehensice Motor Protection and Control Relay

Protection Features:

  • Thermal Overload
  • Locked Rotor
  • Running Stall - Jam
  • Vectorial Stall - Start Stall
  • Unbalanced Current
  • Single Phasing
  • Minimum Load - Underload - Dry Run
  • Eart Leakage
  • Earth Fault
  • Short-circuit
  • Starts per Hour Limitation
  • Overvoltage - Undervoltage
  • Phase Rotation
  • Over Frequency - Under Frequency
  • Main-Circuit Insulation Failure Lock-Out