Why Wait to Automate™


Are you waiting to replace your MCC to automate?

You can automate your existing MCC…

  • With minimal wiring changes
  • Use existing maintenance staff
  • Improve safety by adding a separate MMI/PLC
  • Check status of all starters on MCC from safe location within substation
  • Start/Stop drive from a safe location in substation

Achieve improved control…

  • PLC/HMI control in substation
  • Remote control room SCADA
  • With no extra overheads
Circuit Diagram

NewElec is willing to assist your maintenance staff on site,
every step of the way.

  • Identify circuit components
  • Modify existing schematic diagram
  • Replace existing protection equipment
  • Complete circuit connections to provide PLC control
Circuit Diagram
The Solution Diagram

  • Existing plant control with
  • optional automated control
  • Improved personnel safety
  • No need to open MCC cubicle
  • Earth leakage as well as
  • frozen contactor
  • IRDA through door communication
  • NewCode memory module retains configuration
  • Standard HMI/PLC module extracts customized shift reports
  • Direct link to engineering /foreman/production supervisor/desktop
  • Maintenance staff able to take ownership and continue with production optimization