GA MS0 Relay

Pioneers of the harmonic suppression circuit characteristics, the GA MS0 Earth Leakage protection relay with Integrated CBCT enables more sensitive earth leakage protection of high kilowatt motors started direct-on-line as well as variable speed drive applications without nuisance tripping.

Available in diverse configuration options, including Latched or Non-latching main trip contact, Fail-safe or Non Fail-safe options, as well as 110V-220V or 380V-525V A.C. auxiliary supply voltages.

The trip contact current rating is a sturdy 6A at 220V and 3A at 525V A.C. A latched ‘contactor trip’ change-over contact can only be reset by pressing the control panel mounted pushbutton.

Sensitivities range from 30mA to 1000mA with user selectable instantaneous or IDMT curve.


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GA_MS0 Brochure

Product Part list

GA MS0 Product List

FPR0350 GA-MS0-30mA-63mm
FPR0362 GA-MS0-30mA-104mm
FPR0352 GA-MS0-250mA-63mm
FPR0363 GA-MS0-250mA-104mm
FPR0353 GA-MS0-375mA-63mm
FPR0364 GA-MS0-375mA-104mm
FPR0354 GA-MS0-500mA-63mm
FPR0365 GA-MS0-500mA-104mm
FPR0355 GA-MS0-1000mA-63mm
FPR0366 GA-MS0-1000mA-104mm