ProBeck-IPS relay

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The ProBeck-IPS relay is fully configurable with the aid of frontend software or a man machine interface unit (MMI). Event records can also be downloaded with the aid of the laptop for
further analysis. All the settings are password protected. The relay has an on-board database where time and date stamped records are kept. Two types of records are kept namely fault
records (35 last faults) and event records (1400 events). In the case of event records, the user has limited access rights (read only).


The front-end also has a data recorder and a spectrum analyser which could be used to analyse motor performance and supplied power quality respectively. The spectrum analyser can detect harmonics up to the 9th harmonic on any of the three phase currents.
The relay detects earth leakage currents with the aid of the external core balance current transformer and is configurable to operate in inverse definite minimum time (IDMT) or instantaneous definite time (IDT) mode. A unique feature is added to the relay in the form of simulation. This function could be used for personnel training or relay functionality testing.


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Probeck IPS Brochure


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Pilot Wire Usermanual

Config Software

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Probeck Configuration Software

Product List

Product Code ProBeck Relay and Accesories
PRB0100 ProBeck-IPS MP Relay – Profibus
PRB0101 ProBeck-IPS MP Relay – Modbus
PRB0102 ProBeck-IPS MP Relay – DeviceNet
PRB0103 ProBeck-IPS MP Relay – EtherNet
PRB0104 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 1Amp 110-550Volt
PRB0105 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 5Amp 110-550Volt
PRB0106 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 25Amp 110-550Volt
PRB0107 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 50Amp 110-550Volt
PRB0108 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 100 Amp 110-550Volt
PBR0121 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 200 Amp 110-550Volt
PRB0109 ProBeck-IPS CTMB 300 Amp 110-550Volt
PRB0110 ProBeck-IPS-CTMB-CABLE-1000-1m
PRB0111 ProBeck-IPS-CTMB-CABLE-500-500mm
PRB0112 ProBeck-IPS-CTMB-CABLE-300-300mm
PRB0113 ProBeck-IPS-CTMB-CABLE-100-100mm
PRB0114 ProBeck-IPS-I2C Settings Memory Module
PRB0115 ProBeck-IPS-Insul Lockout Module 1050V
PRB0116 ProBeck-IPS-I/O Expansion Module 8I/40
PRB0117 ProBeck-IPS-RTD Module 4 Input
PRB0118 ProBeck-IPS 4-20mA Module 2 In X 2 Out
PRB0119 ProBeck-IPS Pilot Wire PW-TLM controller
PRB0120 ProBeck-IPS Voltage Converter
PRB0122 ProBeck IS Zener Barrier 0 2Amp 600Volt