320 – 327 Series Relay

The 327M 320, 1,2,3,4, 5M Series of electronic motor protection relays provide comprehensive protection for Medium and Low voltage motors. Adjustable dials for motor full load, unbalance current level, starts per hour and start stall or locked rotor time in seconds with descriptive LED fault indication, user selectable internal selector switches to enable or disable additional protection features. The 327M is ideally suited for motors operating at full load and occasionally beyond their limitations. Applications include motors driving crushers, ball mills or high inertia loads especially with long run-up starting times are ideal applications. Suited for operation in remote or rural sites were simple self-explanatory protection is required to ensure problem free operation


Thermal overload protection (ANSI 50/51), running stall and jam protection, earth fault (50G) and short circuit protection along with selectable start attempt limitations (66) are features of the relay. A built in motor load current transducer is useful for indicating the % motor load through the 4-20mA loop.

Available in Amp calibration range from 0,8A to 1680A split over 320, 1, 2,3,4,5 Amperage selection bands. The 327M is the de-facto choice with motor full load current expressed as % calibration of the 1 amp or 5 amp secondary with the maximum load setting expressed as the M.F.L. current divided by the C.T. Ratio, multiplied by 100.


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320 – 327 Series Brochure

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Product List

Models 320M to 327M
FPR0089 323MC220A1
FPR0114 323MF110A1
FPR0221 323MF110A1GHI
FPR0108 324MF110A1
FPR0227 324MC220A1
FPR0006 324MF220A1GHI
FPR0357 324MC220A1GHI
FPR0778 324MF110A1GHJ
FPR0847 324MF110A1GHKL
FPR0098 325MF220A1
FPR0882 326MF220A5
FPR0383 326MF220A1GHK
FPR0056 327MF110A1
FPR0107 327MC110A5
FPR0059 327MF220A5
FPR0529 327MF110A5GHI
FPR0530 327MF220A1GHI
FPR0046 327MF220A1GHJK
FPR0223 327MF220A1GHN3
Optional Extras for use with 320M Series Monitors
Immediate overload warning (Option F)
Fitting of short circuit and/or earth fault protection (Options G and H)
Transferring of short circuit and/or earth fault to aux relay (Option I)
100 millisecond trip time for short circuit and earth fault (Option J)
Thermal memory override facility (Option K)
Monitor trip state indicator – Type 29M or 39M (Option L)
Manual/Auto reset selector for overload trip conditions  (Option M)
Limited start attempt facility (Option N)
Unbalance alarm – trip disabled (Option O)