LA Series Relays

The NewElec LA electronic motor protection relay provides superior thermal overload (50) and phase unbalance and single protection in applications that would traditionally have used thermal bi-metal relays. The LA Relay can also be fitted below a VSD drive.
Features include overload, underload, earth leakage, unbalance (single phase), over and under voltage, phase rotation and 3 independent PTC thermal censors.
Thermal (50) overload protection with full thermal memory and a fixed Class15 (cold), Class 5 (hot) This microprocessor based electronic motor protection relay, designed to IEC 60255-8, provides overload protection for cyclic or sustained loads, as well as providing unbalanced current and single phasing protection.

The LA relay has been packaged with integral three phase current transformer module block with 22mm primary apertures facilitates ‘straight through’ conductor routing from the main contactor to the electric motor in the range of 1 to 250 Amps. Powered for terminal block selectable 110/220 vac control supply with potential free n/o and n/c output contact rated 220 vac 5 amp


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LA Relay Kits


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Product List

LA Series Relays Product List

Models LA 10 to LA 250
FPR0034 LA10 110/220V
FPR0035 LA50 110/220V
FPR0036 LA100 110/220V
FPR0038 LA250 110/220V
FPR0458 LA10 24V
FPR0433 LA50 24V
FPR0459 LA100 24V
FPR0460 LA250 24V


LA Series Relays with Backup Nicad Battery with permanent charging circuit

FPR0039 LA10 with Nicad Battery
FPR0040 LA50 with Nicad Battery
FPR0041 LA100 with Nicad Battery
FPR0042 LA250 with Nicad Battery