330 Series Relay

The NewElec 330 Series low voltage electronic motor protection relay is designed to protect wound rotor motors used on winches or overhead cranes.


The motor duty class, starting class, cyclic duration factor, power and load current value are of fundamental importance and permit accurate full load protection and adjustment. Along with an inverse thermal curve which caters for cyclic duration factor that offers both stator and rotor protection. This will allow the motor to be used to its full duty class and C.D.F., but still maintain accurate, repeatable protection on small or marginal loads. Maximum load threshold is adjustable between 30% and 100% of the C.T. primary current.

Latched trip LEDs indicate overload and unbalance detection and trip, with a separate trip and thermal lock-out period in process indication.

Available for chassis or flush door mount, the relay has a test facility and may be fitted with a manual or automatic reset facility. A thermal trip state indicator is also available as an extra option.


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330M Brochure

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330M Kits


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330M Installation Manual


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330 Series Presentation

Product List

Basic Unit 330M
FPR0097 330MC220 S4/150/40%
FPR0146 330MC220 S4/150/60%
FPR0763 330MF110 S4/150/40%
FPR0517 330MF110 S4/150/60%
FPR0846 330MC110 S5/300/60%
Optional Extras for use with 300M, 310M and 330M Series Monitors
IMT0001 Monitor trip state indicator – Type 29M(Option L)
IMT0002 Monitor trip state indicator – Type 39M (Option L)
Manual/Auto reset selector for overload trip conditions (Option M)