KA, KB and KC Series Relays

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The KA, KB and KC series of electronic motor protection and control relays are housed in a small footprint, DIN rail mount. Fixed thermal curves (Class 15 cold – Class 5 Hot) with thermal pre-loading, match the HOT and COLD stall times of the motor during operation.

The KA relay is mains powered auto-selecting 400V or 525V supply whilst the KB and KC relays require either 110V or 220V A.C. auxiliary supply.

The KA, KB and KC relays provide a single unit solution in pumping applications that traditionally would have used a combination of thermal overload, under current and restart timers. The unit provides overload, underload, single phasing, unbalanced current, over voltage and phase rotation protection.

Available in the range from 0,5A to 50A direct through the current transformer module block. Available in the range from 50A to 200A using external current transformers in xxx:5 ratio.


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KA KB KC Series Brochure

Product Kits

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KA Product Kit

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KC Product Kit


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KA Relay Installation Manual

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KB Relay Installation Manual

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KC Relay Installation Manual


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KA Series Presentation

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KB Series Presentation

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KC Series Presentation

Product List

Product Code KA Series Models  KA1 to KA200
FPR0013 KA1
FPR0014 KA5
FPR0015 KA10
FPR0016 KA25
FPR0017 KA50
FPR0018 KA100
FPR0019 KA200
Product Code KB Series Models  KB1 to KB200
FPR0020 KB1
FPR0021 KB5
FPR0022 KB10
FPR0023 KB25
Product Code KC Series Models   KC1 to KC400
FPR0027 KC1
FPR0028 KC5
FPR0029 KC10
FPR0030 KC25
FPR0031 KC50
FPR0122 KC100
FPR0135 KC200
FPR0861 KC400